Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

People always talk about how many people are on the Internet and how many visitors they get and especially how much money they make.

So when someone talks about what it takes to make money blogging, the answer is traffic.

It shouldn't be that difficult to draw some of those millions of people in should it?

The reason why there aren't tons of people blogging for profit is that it is a bit more complicated to draw in that traffic than you think. The first obstacle is competition and having the basic understanding of how you can overcome this.  Depending on the topic that you choose, the competition could be fierce.

The best way to give your self a better chance at making some dough is to pick a niche audience that doesn't have too much competition. With so many topics in the world, this would seem simple also.  However, once you have a few blogs that are now generating a modest income what you need to do is set your goals a little higher and go after a more profitable niche that can potentially make you thousands of dollars each week.

What's that you say all the Guru's say it's impossible, hey silly what do you think they are going to say to keep you chasing after all the small profits while they are going after big money. That's right it is possible to achieve and with just a few tools to assist you. Yes, that right for probably less than $300 a month you could be a super affiliate marketer making $10,000 plus a month it is that easy.

Let's Get Back On Track And Find A Good Blog Topic

The fact is that even if you find a good topic you have to figure out how to attract the attention of your niche audience to your particular blog? A lot of niche topics already have their favourite blogs so even though you found a niche that is low in competition, you still have to become popular. Be careful that you don't pick a niche that is so small that even if you have 100 % of the audience, it still is not enough traffic to profit from.

The chances of just one blog bringing in the kind of money that could be defined as a profit are pretty slim. The best path is to have several blogs. This can get time consuming, and it is vital to have tools like blog editors or to have the ability to add content to your blog automated that can help you manage, create, and format your blogs. It is a tool that is a "blogger must have" and it will cut down on time in front of the computer.  Find out about how you can be automating your blog posts.

Have You Covered All Your Basics For Success?

Ok, so we are going to assume that you have all the pieces in place and that your traffic is flowing like a raging river. Firstly I would like to say Congratulations! Remember the competition part of this article. Why, because someone is coming for your traffic. Once you have an audience, you have to keep them. Keep that content current and relevant and stay true to your fans. If you have a successful blog, then it is sure that someone wants to take a piece of that success and might scoop your idea.

One of the best ways to attract more traffic to your blogging site is with the guest posting on related websites or an article directory such as Ezinearticles. These types of directories are free, and you can directly submit articles talking about the area of your expertise (niche). At the end of your articles, you just put what's called a resource box where you display your web address and any relevant information about you or your site and then hope they follow it. With Ezinearticles something else you will receive besides exposure is the fact that you now have a link from an aged and authority website.

This is a handy way to get your name found by search engines and draws more traffic to your site. It's straightforward to do as well as being simple and best of all – it's free! You might also want to read our post on  How To Get Automated Content For Your Blog.

Blogging is no different than any other business venture you might undertake in life; there are pitfalls and benefits to everything we do try to have fun. One of the primary driving forces behind blogging is entertainment of your visitors.  So if you aren't entertained, you are also not passionate so it will be very hard to entertain anyone else who happens to visit your blog.