Sunday, December 10, 2017

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

We have all heard the stories of people quitting their jobs to become blogging experts (fulltime bloggers).

They make as much or more money than they did at their old desk jobs and for some who have made an effort the rewards can be ten times greater than that. Well, this might be true for a small percentage of bloggers, but this is not for the majority. You need to be realistic about what it takes and how much and how you are going to profit from blogging.

Don't Expect To Make It Big Straight Away 

A lot of beginners don't make much. Maybe at best a few hundred dollars a month. The reason is that blogging takes time to get started and even more time to start seeing some profit for your work. The money that you earn from blogging is based on the numbers.

The reason for this is that bloggers make money from affiliate programs or for putting Adwords on their blogs. The best paying affiliate programs are not just going to let anyone sign up. You have to prove the popularity and value of your blog and traffic to be able to sign up with the affiliates that pay the best. So chances are that you will have to get started with an affiliate that does not pay so much.

When affiliates started up, there was a lot that would pay just for a click, also known as pay-per-click marketing or PPC's which is still used heavily today especially for new product launches. However, it was discovered that there was a lot of clicking fraud (and still is) that went down and now more product vendors will only pay if the service or product is sold.

The amount of your commission is usually on a scale, increasing with more volume unless you use an affiliate network such as Clickbank where the percentage of earnings is listed for you. However even Clickbank vendors have a performance bonus if you are outstanding at promoting their products. This is only for some, and you will see that incentive listed on their affiliate sign up page if they are going to participate in something like that.

So no matter, if you have a high paying affiliate program or not the point, is that the number of visitors is the key to you making a decent living from your blog. It is the key to getting the high paying affiliate programs as usually you have to apply to get access and it is the key to earning with lower paying affiliates which you will often find at Clickbank.

There are no applications to complete at Clickbank for the most part; you just choose a product to promote inserting the Clickbank hoplink into your blog and if you have the right product for your selected niche as well as traffic to view your promotion you should start making money.

Some vendors now require you as an affiliate to apply for the hoplink at Clickbank if you don't the link will not work.

It takes time to get a steady flow of traffic to your site. You have to generate a following, and then you have to work to keep it. Sometimes you need to play around with your niche and your format to find what will bring the most traffic for you. So it is clear to see that your earnings will not be instant and instead often trickle in at first before they eventually begin to flow that is the real nature of blogging for profits.

Are You Looking To Make A Few Bucks Blogging Or Is it Going To Be Your New Career


You could make a few extra dollars a week, or you could unlock the door to financial bliss. Some of it is luck, and some of it is hard work. You have to know what's popular, what's needed and how you can get people to read your stuff. If someone finds you that likes what you're doing, they may purchase the blog from you for a substantial amount of money, or you could go with Adsense and make two dollars a week.

So be patient when it comes to your blogging efforts. Work hard at it and work at it daily posting quality article content. To make money, it will take some time, but it will happen. When you finally do start making money, it will be relative to how much work you put into it, like most things in life the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

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