Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Blogging for Profit is Not for Everyone

The internet is filled with stories of people making truckloads of money blogging. Most of us have heard of a famous blogger Perez Hilton.

However, not everyone is Perez Hilton and blogging for profit is not for everyone.

Getting This Right Can Be Very Motivational


It is true that thought of making money is a very motivating force for a lot of people. To make a blog successful, you need just a bit more drive than is inspired solely by earning a profit. It helps to like to write.

The most successful bloggers have well written, entertaining and informing articles. The voice and the style and the message are not the only elements that draw people in but more importantly, keeps people coming back for more. 

Even if you have a talent for writing you are not out of the woods. The key to making money is drawing traffic. To attract traffic, you have to publish your blog with content that people are interested in. Now thankfully, this is a big world, and there are a lot of people on the net that are interested in a lot of different things. With that being said it is important to note that any topic that you choose probably has competition, as there are a lot of bloggers on the net as well. 

Pick a topic that is not only interesting but that you know something about. The net is filled with savvy characters who will smell your male bovine excrement a mile away. Even if you know a lot about your topic, you have to present your content interestingly. You also need to tell your audience something that they haven't heard before. That itself is a small feat, so you're the best chance is just to put an interesting or even entertaining spin on your topic by using video as well as content.

So you found a topic without too much competition. You figured out a way to make it exciting and entertaining…good for you!

Now whatever you do, don't stop writing and promoting. So that is the last test to know if blogging for profit is for you.

Do you have an unlimited amount of time to spend in front of your computer?

If you do have the time, do you just want to use it in front of the monitor? 

Blogging takes time, skill, knowledge, and interest. If one of those elements is missing, you can blog alright just not for a profit. Some people don't want the pressure and stress of trying to make it happen. They merely wish to express their thoughts in hopes of inspiring or motivating someone to action. If you feel like this is you then just live from your heart and blog away without any pressure. Eventually, someone may want to purchase your blog from you and for big bucks.

The best advice is to keep blogging for the right motivation. Don't let anyone or any circumstance tell you; you have to do something different. Blog for the pleasure of writing and inspiring others.